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6/18/04-- Shout Box added!!!

go to the link on the menu that says shout box I have finally added it. Post whatever you want and have fun. Oh and I added on the front page the new ULTIMATE SONIC FLASH. Its a fun game and keeps ya busy. PLAY IT!!!!


6/13/04-- FF Mini Storys 12 is out!!!!

the one thing everyone has not been looking forward to was the new FF Mini Storys. Well its not on the site quite yet. But its on www.newgrounds.com which is a good thing. So go and look for it. And it shall be on the site here very very soon!!!


6/12/04-- New Forum!!

Okay this forum rocks. Its better than conforums and you have more options and you can make your own custom images and smileys. Im making every picture on that forum!!!! So go and join the new BBS!!


6/7/04-- E-Comics

Sorry for the long wait with the e comics its just I really havent gotten around to it much often and I will try not to delay im just trying to make the first comic really funny!!!!! But other wise the only other news is that the text on the forum is now green. Not that you would care anyhow. Just post and wait!!!


5/31/04-- Picture Page setup!!

I have the page set up guys.... except the only thing that isnt set up are all the picture pages so just be patient..... and the comics section is coming out soon also.... Sorry for taking so long also. Im just trying to make the site as good as I possibly can for my fellow viewers of the site. And im not geting paid to do this either. I basicly do this cause I love doing it. and at the same time im kinda starting my own little online community on the message boards. No one goes to the chatrooms sadly :(. but when this site gets popular about three people a day will be on the chat rooms hiting it up.... well at least I hope that happens... any way go to the picture section when it is totaly complete.


5/30/04-- Scary Random is out!!!!

My new movie is now on my site. It got blamed on NG. If you want to see its grave here is the link http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/rip.php?id=171768 and here is a link to the movie on my site http://www.metalmist.4t.com/movie/view/id26.html its a real funny yet random movie. So I hope you love it!!!!


5/29/04-- www.saveenterprise.com

We fellow Trekies need your support.. The site im talking about is a site that is to help keep the show STAR TREK ENTERPRISE on the air. If you havent seen the show well heres a picture of it. It truely is a good prelude to star trek and season 4 is coming soon!!!


The Ship

The captain of NX-01

5/28/04-- Neo vs. Smith (stick style) & Scary Random

hey people I just wanted to update you on the current flash movie im werking on. its a stick movie called neo vs smith. The movie is gonna be dedicated to stick fighting. There is gonna be no plot whatsoever just plain stick fighting in matrix style.

Okay now to tell you about the other movie im werking on (ive accually been quite busy!!!) its called scary random. The whole point of the movie is for pure random stuff to happen. It so far is a funny movie. But yet it is quite disturbing in a way. I know you will like it!!!!!


5/22/04-- games page is complete!!!

now you can check out the sound boards and junk. there are acouple of good little games for you all to play like the quizs are always fun..... Just enjoy yourself.


5/21/04-- More Buddy sites ADDED!!!

Well I have added some more buddy sites to the site. Ya i like these sites so im puting them on my front page. LIKE I SAID.... if you need to advertise give metal mist an 88 by 31 logo of your site and it is as good as on our site. and become a member of the Metal Mist crew.


5/20/04-- werking on games page

Hey Metal Mist Im currently gonna werk on the metal mist games page. So I hope your ready for it when it cums. Its mostly sound boards and stuff so nothing to exiting.


5/19/04-- Metal Mist Logo

Hey have you all seen the new sexy logo I have set up for the front of metal mist. It rules set it on your desktop or something. And the games section will be up when I have time to werk on it ya know. SO dont you worry. And ill make some better link to us!!! things so you can show metal mist pride. Ohh and dont forget to check out the store.


5/18/04-- The Metal Mist Store

Hey People of Metal Mist have you all heard of the new store I set up. Its cool we sell happy bear products there heres a link to the store www.cafepress.com/metalmist If you want a shirt of metal mist then youll have it because im werking on a logo right now. So check out the new store. Thanks for your time people. Ohh and here are some samples of what were selling. If you think you like these then you will probibly love the shop.

canable man rulezHappy Bear needs some mouse lovingFreaks Need love to (happy bear)



5/16/04-- www.flipsided.com

have you heard of the site well im not advertising it on Metal Mist. i like the site its great you can submit your flash movies and stuff like that I find it to be very fun and heres the link to the site oh and Im almost done with the games page it shall be up soon. Flipsided


5/9/04-- Movie Page Completed

Well the main index page is but I have yet to add all the movies I need to add. This should take maybe 2 days to complete or less. Im not to sure. But after I complete that I shall start up the Games page. Im just sorry its takin so long to complete the damn thing. Anyway see you all later.


5/7/04-- Shout Box

Hey metal mist im puting a shout box on everypage of all my flash movies so that you can discuss them with people currently looking at some crap. Anyway thats really not much just wait until I get everything done.


5/2/04-- Switching Forums


I dont think I will change the forum Im gonna keep it.


Well im gonna switch forums.... Dont ask why I just am. So dont worry if you went to fs8m.conforums.com well dont worry It will refresh to the new forum so dont you worry buddie.


5/1/04-- Movies Page

Hey people of Metal Mist I am gonna set up the movies page which is a page which lets you select the movies that you want to watch that have been made by me. Anyways since I have told you all that side of the story. Once it is done I will focus on a new directive by then completeing the games page (which is sound boards, puzzles, quizs and shit like that.) when thats complete i will start on something else.


4/30/04-- Linkin Park music Player

Hey Metal mist guess what I put in a music player on the front page so you can now listin to linkin park and look at all the updates at all the same time. But done thank me thank Cyberdevil for this cause he made this. And you can check out more of his good stuff on Newgrounds and stuff so thats all for now I also have the chat room done. So go and chat.


4/28/04-- Front page advertisments

Do you want your site on the list to left. If you have a site or something. You can automaticly have it on there. Well you can email me and stuff I do not mind. heres my email if you want it. because the front page is for news and advertising and stuff. And I want you people to tell me your site. Thanks for seeing this and heres the email. azragazrag@yahoo.com


4/27/04-- meta

ya I just made some meta tags and stuff and I made it to where it is now a good thing for advertising on search engines. the rush should be cuming any minute now!!!!!!!


4/26/04-- Happy Bear Comics

Hey guys have you ever heard of happy bear. Well its this idea I came out with at school about maybe a month ago. Anyway im making them online comics. And the ywill be on the comics page when they are finished. And it is about an 60 year old man who has a fasination with rapeing little animals and shoves things up there @$$. He loves bears. and the reason he wears the suit all the time is for the fact he is clinicly insane and has no life and on his spare time he stolks children at night. and stuff. and he will pretend he is a bear and go into a camp area and them take all the food and F*** passed out drunks. Anyway read these magnifcant comics when they cum out on the comics page.


4/25/04-- continued......

Well okay our site front page isnt perfect but hey. Its geting there. And I still Have to make the other pages. So just hang tight. And the flash movies and games are on the way so dont shit your pants. Oh and we are not legally responcible for you shiting incidents or whatever. Anyway I just watched american wedding and stiffeler humped a dead grandma. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!


4/25/04-- NG Army!!!

hey Metal Mist Members I suggest that you join the NG Army its really cool I hope you join it. And if your in to NG you will love thids site cause it helps you know more and lets you preserve the portal for a long time so uncle tom weants you to join!!!!!!!!!!!!


4/24/04-- Thing

Okay Metal Mist people I have an idea. If you were just at http://www.flashsky.8m.com well ya know what it will automaticly refresh to this site so dont be so suprised at the fact that you have just arrived here. This is my new site and its here to stay. But when I get my own money im buying my own domain name. That will be the day. Anyway see you all later and enjoy this new site.


4/22/04-- How Do you like the front page????

well this is the front page but the only sections of my new site i have started is um the forum and the home page. But dont worry I shall set up my movies and stuff for all to see. And im sorry to switch sites.



Hey you people who went to FS8M well I dont use that site any more. Now I use this new site Metal Mist (this site) any way my latest Flash as some of you people may know is the new Sonic & Knuckles Movie which almost got turd of the Week On Newgrounds. (which I would of loved) any way enjoy this new little site I AZRAG have created.

NG Fan-Net
Flash 7 Player
MM buddy sites
Best Flash Site EVER!!!
looks like a non adult web site.... well your wrong
another good flash site!!!!
join the flash mafia and submit flash and go on the bbs
are you bored then go here!!!
Lots of Stick Movies!!!!
MOVIES!!!! ya!!!
Smosh rulez submit your flash movies or games now!!!!
looks interesting??
a to e aeflash is the key...
Foamy is god like
Sprite site
Check out Joes really good animations
TN is yedish
Some Pron web site
Final Fantasy is godly
Pretty bad ass stuff!!!
Make a free forum... really realiable servers
Link to us!!!!!

Buddie Sites

NG Army
Server Support
SJ Forum
Go Gaia
Flipsided BBS

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